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Unified in our approach, diverse in our differences

Bringing a plethora of skills and experiences to the table, we, the team at Rogers Spencer, are the lifeforce of this organisation. With 5 partners and an array of dedicated staff members we work in unison to find the right financial fit for all our clients.

Our areas of specialism may differ, but our values remain the same. Each team member works both collaboratively and independently to secure the best outcomes for the companies we work with.

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Stephen Allcock Rogers spencer

Stephen Allcock FCA


Melvin Bailey Rogers spencer

Melvin Bailey FCCA DChA


Alistair Allcock Rogers spencer

Alistair Allcock BA ACA


Jo Moran Rogers Spencer

Jo Moran BA (Hons) FCA


Robin Maxwell FCCA


Helen Etches BA (Hons) FCCA

Associate Partner

Andrew McMurdo ACA


Laura Bostock Rogers Spencer

Laura Bostock FCCA

Audit Manager

Laura Blisset Rogers Spencer

Laura Blissett FCCA

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Manager

Lisa Johnston Rogers spencer

Lisa Johnston BA (Hons) FCA

Audit Manager

Alisha Simpson

Office Manager

Arlene Large Rogers spencer

Arlene Large

Personal Tax Manager

Bernadette Oakland

Payroll Manager

Yushra Ashraff

Financial Accountant

Tim Rogers Spencer

Tim Binns

Financial Accountant

Liam Rogers Spencer

Liam Brown

Financial Accountant

Bekah Carré

Financial Accountant

Beth Cockerill-Wright

Financial Accountant

Olli Rogers Spencer

Olli Harviek

Financial Accountant

June Rogers Spencer

June Hughes


Ann Lawton

Payroll Administrator

Steve Lee

Financial Accountant

Louise Lever

Personal Tax Accountant

Shelly Mee

Payroll Administrator

Natasha Moore

Management and Financial Accountant

Lindsey Osborne

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Accountant

Tom O'Rourke

Financial Accountant

Suganiya Pathmanathan

Financial Accountant

Veli Rogers Spencer

Velichka Petrova

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Accountant

Jamie Rogers Spencer

Jamie Porter

Financial Accountant

Ian Scott

Financial Accountant

Kate Resized Rogers Spencer

Kate Simpson

Financial Accountant

Rea Simpson


Liam Rogers Spencer

Katie Spencer

Financial Accountant

Bryony Stocks

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Accountant

Ginette Thraves

Bookkeeping and Outsourcing Accountant

Emma Tullett

Financial Accountant

Louise Weston

Payroll Administrator

“What we really value is the one-to-one relationship offered by RS – they have taken time to get to know and understand our businesses which we have really appreciated. Their advice and guidance has been absolutely invaluable’.”


What Our Clients Say

What our clients think of us matters. In fact, it’s those perceptions that inform everything we do. We deem our business to be in a state of constant evolution, and because of that both positive and negative feedback is always taken on board. Thankfully, most of our feedback is delightful! We have many lovely clients who have shared their experiences of working with our RS Team.

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